Orpheus : Fall For Eurydice

Ready, Set, Fall!

Brace for impact in Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice! Go (literally) through hell to rescue Eurydice! Patience is a virtue in a game where you will be better each time you fail!

Easy to learn, hard to master

With simple mechanics, Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice is a difficult experience that will test your willpower! Clench your teeth and try to avoid everything that stands in front of you as you are falling to hell!

A nerve racking Die & Retry experience

You will die a lot trying to achieve your goal. Deadly foes and obstacles are here to make your life hell (haha). From fire breathing dogs, undead skeletons, moving saws and even a deadly shark, not a single thing wants your well being. Be sure you are well prepared before hoping into your epic journey!

A beautifully crafted atmosphere

Enjoy a polished, handmade pixel art atmosphere depicting the most famous scenes of greek mythology. Fall through 7 unique levels and unlock 9 unique outfits to show your love you know how to dress for her! Featuring a mesmerizing soundtrack by Haakon Davidsen, doing some serious competition to our favorite harp player!